DNP projects: Spotlight on practice

February 2017 Vol. 5 No. 1

Author: Stefani E. Davis, DNP, WHNP-BC; Karen A. Hande, DNP, ANP-BC; and Ginny Moore, DNP, WHNP-BC

The average woman has a 12.3% lifetime risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer.1 The number of breast cancer survivors continues to increase because of advancements in early detection and successful treatment of the disease.1 This rise in survival rate is generating greater attention on post-treatment . . .

February 2016 Vol. 4 No. 1

Author: By Karen E. Lane, ARNP, FNP-C, DNP and Hilary Morgan, PhD, CNM

Cervical cancer screening (CCS) guidelines changed in 2012.1 Women aged 50-65 years who have undergone CCS annually for decades may be unaware of these changes. Even if they are aware of the changes, they may be confused about the new time frames or forget to schedule their . . .

November 2015 Vol. 3 No. 4

Author: Jerilynn Spring, DNP, FNP-BC and Beth Kelsey, EdD, APRN, WHNP-BC

With a 50% increase in the incidence of pre-existing diabetes mellitus (DM) in pregnant women in less than a decade, DM is now the most common health problem to complicate pregnancy.1 Pre-existing DM in pregnancy with uncontrolled hyperglycemia pre­sents multiple risks. Maternal hyperglycemia during . . .