Sexual Health

March 2019 Vol. 7 No. 1

Author: By Brooke M. Faught, DNP, WHNP-BC, NCMP, IF and Kecia Harris, PhD

In September 2017, the FDA approved secnidazole for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis. Although new to the United States, secnidazole is a well-established anti-infective agent utilized worldwide for the treatment of various bacterial and parasitic infections. Published studies on secnidazole date back to the late 1960s, yet many . . .

What are sexually transmitted infections and how are they transmitted?
More than 30 different bacteria, viruses and parasites are known to be transmitted through sexual contact. Eight of these pathogens are linked to the greatest incidence of sexually transmitted disease. Of these 8 infections, 4 are currently curable: syphilis, gonorrhoea . . .

May 2016 Vol. 4 No. 2

Author: Brooke M. Faught, MSN, WHNP-BC, IF

This column is the first part of a 2-part series.
The aging process can compromise sexual functioning in both women and men. Many older persons deal with this situation by terminating sexual activity—perhaps because they are unaware of various therapeutic approaches that are available. If patients address this . . .

February 2016 Vol. 4 No. 1

Author: By Susan Hoffstetter, PhD, WHNP-BC, FAANP

A 30-year-old woman named CL presents to the office as a new patient. Her health history is notable for dysmenorrhea; irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diarrhea dominant; and dyspareunia since the onset of sexual activity at age 18. CL has never been pregnant.

CL tells the nurse practitioner (NP . . .

February 2015 Vol. 3 No. 1

Author: Casey B. Giebink, MSN, NP-C, WHNP-BC and Ivy M. Alexander, PhD, APRN, ANP-BC, FAAN


By Casey B. Giebink, MSN, NP-C, WHNP-BC and Ivy M. Alexander, PhD, APRN, ANP-BC, FAAN

Although about one-third of women report concerns with sexual functioning, many healthcare providers (HCPs) do not feel comfortable screening for, diagnosing, or managing female sexual dysfunction (FSD). The authors offer . . .