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Statin treatment considerations for cardiovascular disease prevention

Current evidence-based guidelines support the use of statin drugs for primary prevention of cardiovascular (CV) events based on individual CV risk profiles rather than on target cholesterol levels. The purpose of this article is to increase awareness of the impact of CV disease in women and to discuss evidence-based guidelines for the use of statin drugs to decrease CV events in this population. Continue reading »

More Hot Flashes May Signal CVD Risk

Frequent hot flashes in younger middle-aged women may be a sign of a higher risk of vascular disease, researchers found.

Writing in Menopause, the authors examined 272 non-smoking women ages 40 to 60 years. They examined their endothelial cell function and the effect of hot flashes on the ability of the inner lining of these blood vessels to dilate. While there was a significant association between hot flashes and endothelial cell function among women ages 40 to 53 years, there was no association for older women (ages 50 to 64 years). These associations occurred independent of other heart disease risk factors.

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