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Health policy and the female caregiver: The impact on women’s health

As healthcare providers (HCPs), we are aware of the demographic shift and increased longevity that have resulted in a rise of the aging population in the United States and in many other countries around the world.These changes have increased the need for “informal” caregivers, usually partners or relatives, to provide assistance to individuals at varying levels of healthcare need. Unpaid caregiving by partners, family members, or even friends remains the main source of long-term care for older persons worldwide.This caregiving, usually provided by women, can have an adverse impact on caregivers’ health, quality of life, economic stability, and longevity.2,3 Continue reading »

Women and smoking: Facilitating change

Although smoking may not be a gender-specific practice, females are predisposed to many potentially adverse effects of smoking during the course of their lives. Compared with their male counterparts, they are at higher risk for developing certain smoking-related diseases. In this article, the author describes how women’s healthcare providers can encourage their patients who smoke to quit, both by utilizing the 5As model and by offering them a variety of management options to help them reach their goal. Continue reading »

Women’s health: More than an annual event

By Susan Kendig, JD, MSN, WHNP-BC, FAANP

As I write this column in mid-May, we are a week past Mother’s Day, and Wo­men’s Health Week has just ended. During the 5th month of the year, healthcare providers (HCPs) and healthcare consumers are bombarded with messaging focused on the importance of women’s health. Continue reading »