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NPWH news & updates

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Message from the CEO

I am proud to say that, with this November 2015 issue, Women’s Healthcare: A Clinical Journal for NPs, is turning 2 years old! When we introduced the journal 2 years ago, we provided quarterly online issues. Now, as an added benefit, we provide our active NPWH members with both the electronic version and a complimentary print copy of each issue.

Since Women’s Healthcare began, we have added more departments such as On the case…, DNP projects: Spotlight on practice, Focus on sexual health, and Commentary. We have always offered one continuing education (CE) article per issue, along with two or three additional feature articles. Our goals for the future are to continue offering these articles and departments, to increase the number of issues per year, and to add more case studies, scientific studies, and clinical updates.

Our journal continues to grow, and is fast becoming a highly valuable asset to nurse practitioners (NPs) caring for women. The open rate—that is, the proportion of people on an email list who open (or view) a given email—for each issue of Women’s Healthcare is rising, and averages more than 30%. To put this statistic in perspective, the industry gold standard is an open rate of 20%. Even more stats support what our readers are discovering with respect to our journal’s content:

  • 75% find the information in the journal “useful” to “very useful”;
  • 83% engage in the journal’s CE articles;
  • 58% utilize the journal’s “How to” and Case study articles;
  • 54% find the journal’s research news useful; and
  • 50% utilize the journal’s Clinical resources de-

NPWH takes great pride in providing a variety of tools that promote high-quality, evidence-based women’s healthcare. With regard to our 2-year-old journal, our goal moving forward is to ensure that all advanced practice nurses caring for women recognize Women’s Healthcare as the specialty go-to journal for expert women’s health content.

I want to mention a few of NPWH’s other accomplishments in 2015:

  • NPWH celebrated its 35th anniversary this year, a milestone marked at our 18th Annual NPWH Premier Women’s Healthcare Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, in October.
  • The 2nd Annual Women’s Sexual Health Course for NPs was a great success this year; we sold out of space! We are increasing the number of registrations next year to enable more NPs to participate. Save the Date: June 23-26, 2016.
  • We added a new component to our mobile app, a women’s cardiovascular health preventative screening tool, which we launched at our annual conference in October.
  • NPWH proudly welcomed our second class of Student Reporters to participate in our annual conference.
  • We partnered with Bedsider to provide grants to six clinical sites to measure and improve contraceptive practices for women aged 17-29.

Stay tuned for more CE opportunities, toolkits, and programs for NPs. Our main objective is to continue to provide more services and support for our members. We invite those of you who are not yet members to join NPWH! And we thank all of you who supported our organization this year. All of us look forward to a wonderful 2016!

– Gay Johnson
Chief Executive Officer, NPWH



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